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We here at fetishvices.com want to introduce you to the perfect wife. This is a former dancer now turned swinger/Mistress to fulfill your fantasies and dreams. This is the Flaming Dominant Red Head that you have dreamed about. Lady Flame lactates, gives oral, recives oral, requires servitude, exhibitionism, does interracial, girl on girl, mulitiple partners, breast feeding sessions, foot fetish sessions, gang bangs, oral and fantasy fullfillment. Now imagine placing this before the willing camera's eye and video for your pleasure as it happens. You never know what might happen next.

This is a site that updates at least 2 x per week and is designed with your needs in mind. Please feel free to talk to Flame as she is sure to answer every email with your comments and suggestions in mind. Also please don't hesitate to book a session with Flame as she always gives a special discount to her special members. It is our aim to bring you the finest entertainment possible. Now please let us take you down the road less traveled... to find the perfect wife to fulfill your wants, needs, fantasies, fetishes and addictions. This is the place we call : fetishvices.com. Adorn yourself, comply and enjoy!

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